the blindfolded pianist FAQ
Q. Who is this guy?

A. Although the author has publicly released two videos, he is very secret about his identity. He doesn't have super-human powers or wear a spandex constume (except for tuesdays), but I can assure you he does exist. All I can tell you is that his name starts with the same letter as the italian game character he plays the theme music of.

Q. Where did he come from?

A. Only weeks ago Mr. Piano and his friend decided to submit his video to a couple of submission forums such as Alibino BlackSheep and eBaums World. After much positive feedback, he made the decision to create a second video; more talent, more songs, and no interruptions.

Q. Does he have a website?

A. Yes he does! Click here.

Q. I play the piano as well and I want to play these songs!

A. That's good! Our friend has composed some music sheets for most of the mario songs here. He won't mind if you share them, just be sure to give him credit where it is due.

Q. Does he have an email address? I really want to ask him a question!

A. Yes he does. He has an address set up for questions and comments relating to his popular videos, but I've been informed that some questions are overasked (which is the reason for this FAQ!), so look for the answer here before you go sending him an email. If you're sure the question isn't here, then you can send a message to He's a nice guy; I'm sure you'll get a response.

Q. Where are the music sheets for "Mario World Intro Theme", "Overworld Theme", and/or "Ghost Theme"?

A. He doesn't currently have music sheets for these songs, because he simply plays them by ear from the MIDI version of the songs (maybe you can too!). He would like to add, "Even all those arpeggios in the Ghost Theme I was playing on the spot, I didn't practice them before the recording =]"

Q. He's good, how long has he been playing?

A. He's been playing for 13 years, and he turns 18 in three months.

Q. What does he do other than make blindfolded mario videos?

A. He is currently a student. Next year he will be entering The Cleveland Institute of Music where he will study with the world famous pianist Paul Schenly.

Q. So exactly how popular is this guy?

A. Type "blindfolded" or "mario pianist" into google. The results should speak for themself.