mario mosaic by douglas lalonde
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272 sticky notes later, almost a roll of scotch magic tape too, and 6 hours of work inbetween, I finish up with a mosaic, an awesome one.

this is some of the supplies needed for this, some sticky notes, that tape, and the scissors are somewhere. Kevin's hand did not help me with this, nor did that pony , ect.

I finished my first row of sticky note taping, woo.

Three rows finished, hello broken hangar!

it appears that 8 rows are done here.. i should name that hangar something, suggestions?

another lame status picture, I think 14 are done in this one? anyways, this thing is looking just as I hoped it to.

at last, the taping of the sticky notes together in rows is finished! and the hangar will never return :(

Well, if I want the sticky notes to stay in one big square, I will want to tape them together completely, this picture really shows the amount of tape used.

*zooms back a bit* this is it.. I'm finished 9 hours later? I spy my ruler and my glass cleaner spraycan that aided too. I spy a bear too, electric blanket, all this fun junk, I forgot to mention that purple towel helped too.

mario is a character/tradmark, ect by nintendo, project was done by douglas lalonde, of crystal minnesota.